Above2000 three teams for High Peak Marathon 2018 lottery

We have three teams registered for HPM2018 lottery!

Team 1 (aiming for the best time)
Mariusz Kozlowski (Team Organiser)
Jacob Snochowski
Endriu Olewacz
Jarek Czuba

Team 2 (entered as a walking team to gain experience and enjoy the nature!)

Rafal Szymanski (Team Organiser)
Marcin Kozieński
Krzysztof Wawrzenczak
Krzysztof Marciniak

Team 3 (entered as a walking team to gain experience and enjoy the nature!)
Marcin Krzysztofik (Team Organiser)
Anna Kozlowska
Agata Glebocka
Patryk Prukop

If there is less than 50 teams registered for the race we get our places secured for the race.
However this is less likely, and so if more than 50 teams enter a lottery will be held to decide. The lottery is weighted in favour of those teams whose members have entered before and more heavily weighted to those who have been unsuccessful the preceding year(s). This system has been devised to ensure we have a healthy mix of experienced and novice teams. No-one entering High Peak Marathon should be a novice fell-runner/walker, all should have good mountaineering experience.

We are still looking for backup runners among our members to make sure that each team has the minumum of 4 required to start shall both teams be lucky in the lottery and any of the above could not participate for any reason.

Are there any takers?!