Mount Blanc 80

Izabela Terlecka-Underwood

We started at 4am with an amazing climb up over 1500m in sunrise!!! Then each run separeatly in over 30 degree heat wich is still better then rain.

Mount Blanc 80

Jason Underwood DID it! Just look at the picture wich says everything!!!! Im so proud of my husband for winning this phisical and menthal challenge!!!! 87km, 6100m climb, less then 24h!!!

Izabela Terlecka-Underwood has failed 🙁 After 46km, 3800m climb, I was disqualified alongside 147 peope as organisers closed a checkpoint 30 min earlier then communicated to the runners. I am (and not only me) feeling dissapointed for not having a chance to try to complete or at least go few miles more, as I was absolutely fine
and strong to continue!

Race for brands, sponsors, elite runners. Poor organisation, terrible communication and zero engagement to help and support normal runners. 570 finishers from over 1000 runners. A lot to complain ;-(