Above2000 was created by Mariusz Kozlowski and Rafal Szymanski in 2013.

The group aims at ultra-distance running, especially mountain and trail. We are also very interested in adventure racing.

As majority of Adventure Racing events require a mixed team of four, we are currently focused at bringing together a group of people who are enthusiastic about orienteering, trail running, MTB, climbing, mountaineering, kayaking, or any other outdoor discipline that the team could contribute from.

If you think you could fit in, let us know immediately! Basically, the bigger the team the easier it is to select the four to take part in an adventure race.

We all have commitments, jobs, families and a life schedule to attend to, so usually only a few can commit to a long term training and to the event agenda itself.

We work hard, aim high, think crazy and have fun!